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CEO of @PipelinerCRM: Sales is About Process & People Not Data Mgmt

Today’s savvy, tech-driven customers have taken complete control of how they select products and services they end up buying. In most cases, they have made their decision before they talk to the vendor they choose. Which means many sales people are being shut out of the decision making process altogether. Nikolaus Kimla, sales process expert …

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Seller Of The Week: Teaglad – More Than Just A Tea, It’s Health In A Teacup

Are you a tea lover, looking for a more healthy option for tea then check out Teaglad.

Teaglad is an eCommerce store owned by Alfred Mai that sells Matcha green tea that they claim to be the healthiest tea on earth that contains 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea.

“Teaglad was founded based on a realization that finding high-quality specialty tea was much harder than it needed to be. As the popularity of tea is growing, we don’t want to capitalize on a trend, but instead we want to ensure that people who do join the tea movement pick the best choices for themselves.”

All Teaglad products come from actually where they originate like their Matcha green tea comes from the heartland of Japan.

Well, talking about the benefits of the Matcha green tea from Teaglad, it helps one:

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Seller Of The Week: MONDAYS – Creating One Of A Kind Creamic Products

If you love ceramic products then meet Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli from MONDAYS, two friends who, few years ago, met by chance in a Monday night ceramics class and immediately shared their love for clay and ended-up launching MONDAYS a line of functional ceramics.

At MONDAYS, you’ll find all sorts of ceramic products like tableware and planters and vases handmade in the duo’s Brooklyn-based studio.

The best part about the MONDAYS products is that no two products are exactly identical and you might also find a few imperfections here and there that you won’t find in the machine-made ceramics. The products are also lead-free and food-safe (unless mentioned in the description).

To know more about MONDAYS, read on our exclusive interview with the duo.

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Artist Of The Week: Destin Sparks – A Photographer Who Adds Art To Photographs

A photograph can capture a moment forever. A good photograph is the one which conveys the view of the photographer. It is the reflection of how the photographer views the scene before. A good photograph talks. There are many technicalities involved in photography which enables the photographer to come up with what exactly is desired. What could be more beautiful to click than Nature? Destin Sparks, a talented multi award-winning landscape photographer leaves no stone unturned to get perfect shots of mother nature.

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Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot: 60% of Ecommerce Marketers Aren’t Measuring the Fundamentals

With Google’s recent acquisition of shopping analytics firm Rangespan and the announcement of ecommerce juggernaut Alibaba’s IPO plans – alongside’s seemingly daily announcement of big news – the world of ecommerce is changing rapidly. Sam Mallikarjunan, head of eCommerce Marketing for HubSpot, shared with me his thoughts on what’s going on in the space, …

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Start-Up Of The Week: Ideas To Steal – A Place Where Your Creative Ideas Get A Second Chance

Remember the awesome advertisement ideas we featured in one of our previous posts, and mentioned that they were all obtained from ‘Ideas to Steal‘? Could you believe that the cool ideas we are talking about could actually have been rejected at the first place. Yes, most of them were! But thanks to the mind behind ‘Ideas to Steal’, the amazing idea did not go missing.

The website is a boon to the ones who want to see their ideas transformed into reality but can not find the way to it. This is what the makers have to say on their website, “And then we thought: why not turn two negatives into one positive and help each other out? So we created this website where advertising creatives can post their unwanted but nevertheless brilliant ideas and allow fellow creatives (or even account handlers or clients for that matter) to steal them for a chance to actually make them happen.”

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Artist Of The Week: Beth Galton – A Multi-Talented Artist Who Adds New Dimensions To Photography

If you were able to guess the idioms in the Conceptual Food Photography featured in one of our previous posts, then you must be familiar with Beth Galton and her unique style of photography. She truly excels the art of photographing food and still life in his own different ways. A long process of a lot of thinking and imagination goes before the act of photography by Beth.

The New York based photographer just loves to click and her love for photography just grows with more experiences. Blame her skills of photography if you start feeling hungry after see the food photographs by her. Also, it is amazing to see that the usual everyday objects we come across can acquire such an artistic look. All the difference is made by the ways Beth’s photographs visualise her models.

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Social Media Smarts Interview: Justin Levy, Global Social Media at Citrix

When I first met Justin Levy a number of years ago, he gave me a business card for a Brazilian steakhouse and I didn’t quite make the connection with the social media conference we were at. Following him online and running into each other at numerous conferences since, I’ve learned three things about Justin:  1. [...]

Artist Of The Week: Andrew Myers – A Multi-Talented Artist Who Creates Incredible Screw Art Portraits

Modern-day art is very different from the traditional art. It’s minimal, more thought through and well researched and is definitely, out-of-the-box. Time and again, we make it a point of sharing such interesting and compelling modern-day art work on our blog.

Meet Andrew Myers who is hailed as one of the most patient modern-day sculptors around.

Andrew is a California-based artist who was born in Braunshweig, Germany and was raised in Ciudad Real, Spain, is known all over the world for creating incredible portraits with screws. The artist first starts the process by placing the pages of a phone-book on top of a plywood panel and draws out a face and pre-drills holes onto it and then drills in the screws to make the portrait.

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Practical Business Lessons from Hip-Hop and Wall-Street

Business lessons are common but practical business lessons from really successful business people are rare. In this Forbes video interview with the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett and Jay-Z, you’ll learn longterm business lessons that will transform your business perspective […]

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