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Artist Of The Week: Andrew Myers – A Multi-Talented Artist Who Creates Incredible Screw Art Portraits

Modern-day art is very different from the traditional art. It’s minimal, more thought through and well researched and is definitely, out-of-the-box. Time and again, we make it a point of sharing such interesting and compelling modern-day art work on our blog.

Meet Andrew Myers who is hailed as one of the most patient modern-day sculptors around.

Andrew is a California-based artist who was born in Braunshweig, Germany and was raised in Ciudad Real, Spain, is known all over the world for creating incredible portraits with screws. The artist first starts the process by placing the pages of a phone-book on top of a plywood panel and draws out a face and pre-drills holes onto it and then drills in the screws to make the portrait.

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Practical Business Lessons from Hip-Hop and Wall-Street

Business lessons are common but practical business lessons from really successful business people are rare. In this Forbes video interview with the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett and Jay-Z, you’ll learn longterm business lessons that will transform your business perspective […]

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Content Strategy Interview with Jonathon Colman of Facebook

1.3 Billion. As of February 2014, that’s about how many active monthly users there are of Facebook. Imagine the content that gets created amongst all those connections – updates, photos, videos, blogging and plenty of cats. But Facebook isn’t what this post is about. Not exactly. The subject of today’s post is Jonathon Colman, a Content [...]

Blogger Of The Week: Kirsten Krason – An Interior Designer Who Loves And Enjoys Everything She Does

Kirsten Krason is a Utah-based interior designer who loves everything that she’s doing; be it being a mom, an interior designer or blogging.

Designing for long has been Kirsten’s greatest passions, as a child she used to spend her daysorganinzing and decorating her room, but when it came to making professional choices, she was a bit confused. She took to studying Recreational Therapy at the Utah State University in Logan. It was after she dropped out of college that she realized what she really wanted to do in her life.

According to her website, “Being creative is something that always came natural to me — I love art, putting together different color schemes, and I’m always up for a good room rearrangement”.

Soon Kirsten decided to explore interior designing and graduated with her degree in interior designing in the spring of 2010.

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Kings of Content: Interview with the UR Business Network

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of my mentors and close friends, Sergio Garcia and Rick Brutti. Sergio is a multimedia marketing expert, and has published several books in Latin America and a successful business magazine in the United States. Rick is a serial entrepreneur and the first ever CFO of the …

Artist Of The Week: Wasted Rita – Talented And Straightforward Illustrator And Graphic Designer

When it comes to being humorous and straightforward at the same time, Portugal-based graphic designer and illustrator Rita Gomes a.k.a Wasted Rita knows it right.

I know the name rings a bell, we had featured Rita’s ‘Says Wasted Rita‘ series on our blog some time ago. Yes… the one with the tongue in the cheek humor.

Rita who has studied in a religious college and is currently residing in Lisbon and describes herself as a “natural agent provocateur, sarcastic as needed and a full-time thinker who must write about life, human behaviors and play with words to keep breathing.”

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Flexibility in Your Career Plan Can Lead to Success!

Stay open to new opportunities; It can lead to your success and happiness! — Beth Kuhel

I recently interviewed Bo Burlingham, the affable Editor-At-Large for Inc. magazine about his career path. Bo surprised me by saying he actually had no career plan and his ascent to his current position was more or less “an accident.” …

Success and Social Media with Marsha McCullough

When Facebook announced its support for organ donation, social good ambassador Marsha McCullough applauded their decision. For years, many have championed the issue with modest and respectable results. But when a social media giant throws considerable support behind a cause like this, it not only enhances Marsha’s work, but inspires a social savvy generation to take notice. But bringing awareness to organ donation …

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Elaine Delos Reyes: How 4 People Engage 5 Million Chicago Bears Fans

The Chicago Bears have been sold out for almost 30 years — 29 consecutive years. The listening audience is the largest in the NFL – 56% percent higher than the next closest team. There are 4.4 million Bears fans over the age of 18 in the Chicago area alone, equating to 6 out of every […]

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Talking Money: Job Offer Negotiations Part 2

Last week a client called with the good news that they had received a good job offer from one of their most desirable employers. They were excited. I was happy, too. After getting beyond the (premature) celebration, my thoughts immediately turned to the next critical step in our process together: closing the deal! In my [...]