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Improve Pay Per Click Advertising ROI With This Simple Tip

Here is a simple tip to follow that will help you make sure every cent that you spend on PPC has the potential to help drive your business forward.

How Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than watching one o […]

How to Turn Freebie-Seekers into Paying Customers: 4 Strategies Worth Testing on Your Site

Freebie seekers. The very words send a shudder through both product and service-based businesses alike. The worry is that these potential customers will cause a drain on the system – taking, taking, taking without buying. However, with the right approach, this worst case scenario can be avoided significantly, if not completely. The problem isn’t with […]

Cut Overhead and Outsource These 4 Business Tasks

A number of business service providers can easily take over specific tasks and complete them more efficiently — and at a lower cost to the business.

Why We Don’t Offer Drive Through Marketing

We had a series of unusual phone calls recently. The fi […]

5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Website Traffic

Grow website traffic and effectively compete against competitors by doing your homework and using the right tools.

Boost Your Blog With These 3 WordPress Tricks

You know what you need? Cookies. Something to pick up y […]

Modern Chamber Marketing: How to Successfully Build a Digital Community

Listen to the Episode Below (00:37:55) Download Audio iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Get Weekly Marketing Updates Discover What is New for Business This is Episode 4 of This Old New Business weekly business podcast with Jeff Korhan. Join me and Frank Kenny as we discuss how to succeed these days with digital marketing. Frank will share how he facilitates […]

Learn to Listen in The Age of the Customer

As a company, where does your competitive advantage com […]

What Your Business Needs to Know About Podcasting

If you think podcasting is for techies, think again. Apple started offering support for podcasts in iTunes in 2005, but as social media became more mainstream, it appeared that video would rule the world. It did, and to a large measure still does. What then has caused the huge resurgence in podcasts? You have it […]