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How to Get Your Resume in Great Shape

Whoever told you there is no right or wrong way to writ […]

Why We Don’t Offer Drive Through Marketing

We had a series of unusual phone calls recently. The fi […]

How to Practice Proper Social Media Etiquette

I confess: I am not an expert on which fork you should […]

One New Thing a Month

It’s New Year’s Day. You are probably makin […]

Train Yo’ Team

While trolling through Pinterest the other day I came a […]

The Death of Free

Everything is free on the Internet, right? While that m […]

Your Ego Is Killing Your Business

To be a small business owner, you need to have a healthy ego. You have to have enough faith in yourself to think you can make money based solely on your talents. You have to believe in yourself enough to price your goods and services at a level that’ll let you earn a living. You’ve [...]

How to Work with the Media

In school, I studied traditional public relations. I never really expected to be on the other side of the equation, but through an obnoxious number of tweets about the Indianapolis arts scene and sheer dumb luck, I somehow became a contributor to the Indianapolis Star. Most weeks I’ll submit an article or two on everything [...]

Specialize in Awesome

The venerable Chicago Sun-Times newspaper laid off all 28 of its full-time photojournalists. Instead of continuing to employ Pulitzer prizewinning photographers, they’ll now rely on an army of freelancers and, better yet, task its journalists, most of whom specialize in the production of words, with gathering quality photographs and videos to feed the hungry maw [...]

Thanks for Calling Roundpeg

I was surprised the other day when a caller thanked me for answering the phone. I have done a lot of amazing things in my life which I felt deserved a thank you, but  answering a telephone was not one I would put on that list. It seems this woman had spent the better part [...]