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Should You Buy a New Top-Level Domain Name for Your Business?

Now it’s easier than ever before to buy a branded URL for your business. With the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ rollout of more than 1,400 themed domain …

The Future of Mobile Security for Small Business

For most businesses, smartphones and tablets have already become regular pieces of office furniture, chirping and buzzing beside an employee’s computer. Under a workplace protocol called BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device,” employees tote their own tech with them into the office, using them to complete their tasks. BYOD is already quite common. The Forrester…

How Can Your Small Business Use a 3-D Printer?

In 2013’s State of the Union Address, President Obama said 3-D printing may “revolutionize the way we make almost everything.”  To be sure, 2013 and the beginning of ’14 have been heady times for 3-D printing technology.  Scientists wrought lifelike ears with the technology; using 3D printing, GE fabricated jets engine parts, doctors saved a [...]

New gTLDs: Can You Afford to Lose Consumer Trust?

With potentially more than 1,400 new gTLDs being introduced into the Internet over the next couple of years, business owners have a very important decision to make as they consider all of the domain options available to them. Brand awareness, website traffic and customer trust are key attributes all companies need to protect. Just ask […]

How Do I Get My Nonprofit’s CEO To Use Twitter Or Other Social Media?

Last month, I participated in a keynote panel at the AFP Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX on the theme, “Social Media for Social Change” with Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children, Ben Rattray, Founder of Change.Org, and Ritu Sharma and Darian Rodriguez Heyman, co-founders of Social Media for Nonprofits Conference.     It […]

Top 5 eCommerce Solutions for Online Startups

Here’s a look at the five best, off-the-shelf, eCommerce platforms and plugins that can give an online business owner everything needed to set up an online shop successfully.

5 Top Drone Startups in 2014

5 Forward-flying companies   A sleek aircraft with a not-so-sleek name, drones are the future.  Planes that fly themselves via software can be used in agriculture, delivery, data collection, and a number of fields that seems to be on the daily rise.  Frugal Entrepreneur takes a look at 5 hot new drone startups making a [...]

New gTLDs: What They Mean, What Your Options Are and How to Choose Wisely

Over the last couple of months, more than 250 new domain name extensions – known as new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) — have joined .com, .net and other domains businesses and consumers have come to rely on. It’s expected that more than 1,500 new gTLDs will go live by the time the initial phase of […]

Alternatives to Paypal, 2014

This post will take a look at some options for expanding your online-payment repertoire to include options to supplement Paypal.  I say  “supplement” because no one service even comes close to matching the combination of reach, ubiquity, and range of services offered by Paypal. For better or for worse, Paypal will likely continue its top-dog [...]

4 Smart Ways to Get a Better Google Ranking Today

Google has fine-tuned its algorithms many times over the years, making it a challenge for businesses that rely on web search referrals to keep up. The truth is, unless you …